Labour Shun Future Council Tenants


West Dunbartonshire’s ruling Labour Administration have rejected the following SNP amendment, moved by Cllr Ian Dickson, seconded by Cllr Jonathan McColl:

Agree the recommendations and add the following recommendations:
vi – A briefing note be circulated on the funding for on going Alexandria Town Centre public realm improvements be issued to members, focused on Regeneration Capital Grant Funds and Place Based Investment Funding.
vii – All future Council housing developments should include appropriate electric vehicle charging facilities and the infrastructure to allow future expansion.

During Committee, in a bizarre display of either ignorance or transparent dishonesty, Councillor Rooney falsely accused the previous Administration of removing funding from one Regeneration budget to fund other works. When corrected, Cllr Rooney refused to apologise and declined to hear Council officials’ factual briefing on the issue.

Speaking after the committee, Cllr Jonathan McColl said,

“I’m astonished that Labour have rejected my proposal to give our own tenants access to the same facilities Labour have already agreed will be provided to private residents of new build developments.

“In the next few years, the sale of new vehicles with petrol or diesel engines will be outlawed and
electric vehicles will become the new norm. If the experience from the transition from leaded to
unleaded petrol is repeated, this will not take long. Our tenants, particularly those for whom public
transport isn’t suitable due to their or their family’s medical needs, deserve to have access to

“I am hopeful that Labour will rethink this mistake and come back in the near future to agree my

Cllr Ian Dickson added,

“Cllr Martin Rooney, as Leader of the Council and a local Vale of Leven area Councillor, must know
what is happening in the ward, so I take exception to his attempt to mislead committee and the
public over the funding of town centre regeneration.

“Councillor Rooney surely knows what funding pots are being used for different projects. I would
appreciate an apology, but in lieu of that I would like Council officers to provide a briefing for
Councillors so that everyone has the correct, factual information. To refuse to receive a briefing and
stick his head in the sand and remain ignorant of the facts is a disservice to our residents and local

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