Labour Vote Against Labour Election Pledge

Labour have voted against implementing their own election pledge less that 4 months since the election, despite SNP and public support.

During the 2022 Council election campaign, West Dunbartonshire Labour backed their Party Leader’s pledge to put £1,000 in every citizen’s pocket to help with the cost of living crisis.

This support could be in the form of grants, discounts on services or other in-kind support and as it would reach everyone, nobody would be missed out if they just fall short of eligibility criteria.

Instead of supporting the SNP motion, Labour misread the situation and went on the attack, ignoring the supportive comments from Cllr Jonathan McColl and laying into the SNP Government at Holyrood; this in spite of all of the funding for Labour’s cost of living crisis support so far coming from the Scottish Government through specific funds and the block grant.

Speaking after the debate, Cllr McColl said,

“I was astonished by the way the Depute Council Leader started off Labour’s contribution on this item. The SNP have appreciated the way in which Labour have sought to build on the support put in place by the SNP just before May and wanted to support further work to deliver on their sensible election commitment.

“For Labour to vote against their own policy, let alone one that would genuinely help people struggling to feed their weans, is utterly bizarre. They just couldn’t see past their hatred of the SNP.

“We are living in the most difficult times of my life, with living standards for ordinary folk slipping lower then under Thatcher. Labour need to grow up, get over their need for playground name calling, and work with us for the benefit of local people.”

Full audio clip of the debate is available for 6 months at under ‘West Dunbartonshire Council – August 31, 2022 – 04:00 PM’: Item 25.

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